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Dynamic Export is Australia’s most comprehensive online resource designed to provide potential, new and established exporters with information for starting and growing an export business.

With a panel of industry experts on hand to answer any export related questions, our directory and industry news service is also an essential information hub for exporters.

The Dynamic Export website is viewed by consumers with a genuine vested interest in exporting. It delivers highly targeted and cost effective sales leads.

We can ensure your advertisement will reach its target market.

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Dynamic Export has a broad range of advertising options to suit all budgets.

We can tailor an advertising package to provide you with maximum online exposure to your target market.

You can update your company listing free of charge at any time.  


Advertising online or in the E-magazine with Dynamic Export is an ideal platform to broaden your advertising reach.

Now you can reach consumers at an affordable price and receive sales leads via email or clicks to your website.

And company listings placed on Dynamic Export will boost your rankings on the major search engines.

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Terms and Conditions

To advertise on Dynamic Export you will need to accept the advertising terms and conditions applicable.

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Advertising Terms & Conditions


"Website" means the website and online services owned or controlled by us;

"We""us" “directors” and "our" means, the online division of Think Positive Pty Ltd ABN 24 126 470 406. "You," “client” means the advertiser.  

These are the standard Terms & Conditions for our website's advertising packages. By entering into an agreement with the website or an authorised representative, advertisers are legally bound to the advertising Terms & Conditions.  

These terms apply to all advertisements accepted by, including packages.  

By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions you are bound by them and the rates agreed to in respect of your material.  


Supplying advertising material

All advertisements are accepted subject to the space being available and the copy being accepted by the Directors. 

Advertising is booked from the 1st of every month. If there is space available in the current month, the Directors of Dynamic Export will authorize advertising.  

The due date for supplying advertising material is 7 days prior to your ad being placed on the 1st of each month.  

If your ad is booked within 7 days of the end of the month, advertising material is due within 24 hours of the booking being made.  

If we do not receive the advertising material by the due date, your booking will be released for the space to be resold.  

If the advertising material you supply by the due date do not comply with our requirements and specifications to enable its inclusion on our website, we may not be able to include the ad and your booking will be released for the space to be resold.  


Loss or damage

The website or any of its subsidiaries, management, employees, partners or suppliers will not at any time or under any circumstances, be liable for any loss or damage to your materials.  

Nor will we be liable for:  

  • Any unauthorised access to or modification of the customer’s Website or Storefront 
  • Any data or information that is sent or received or not sent or received
  • Any failure to store data, information files or other related content
  • Fraudulent, negligent or otherwise unlawful behaviour  



You warrant that material submitted for inclusion in the website is owned by you or you have the right to use and publish that material.  

You must have the right to represent the individual, entity, product or service mentioned in the material. 

You retain copyright for all material supplied and authorise to use, produce, modify or adapt, publish or digitally display the material. 

The advertising material supplied must not breach any law or the rights of any other person.  


Right to suspend or remove  

The directors reserve the right to suspend, omit or move without prior notice any advertisement at any time if necessary. In such a case no claim will be entertained from the advertiser for loss or damages.  

If such an omission is the fault of the advertiser or his agent, the space remains payable in full if the advertisement did not appear. This applies if copy for a first advertisement does not meet the due date.  



While every care is taken to avoid errors, the Directors cannot accept claims for errors due to inaccurate instructions, or acts of third parties.  

Claims for consequential loss over and above the value of the space booked shall not be entertained.  

If the Directors consider it necessary to alter the size, position or any other feature of the advertisement the advertiser can have the right to cancel that advertisement 7 days prior to your ad being placed without penalty.  

The Directors must receive any complaints about mistakes or poor reproduction in writing not more than one week after publication date.  



Cancellations for banner advertising will only be accepted by written email at least two weeks before scheduled campaign commencement date.  

The client is obliged to pay any expenses that may have been incurred relating to the acceptance or preparation of the material supplied.

Packages once purchased cannot be cancelled but can be upgraded or downgraded.


Pricing and payment  

A price list may be requested. Unless otherwise stated all fees and charges are exclusive of GST.  

Accredited advertising agencies, approved by us, may receive an agency discount off the listed prices. (This does not apply in respect of material for the direct benefit of the agency).  

All amounts shown on our tax invoices are in Australian dollars (unless specified otherwise) and must be paid in Australian dollars.  

You must pay us for publication of the material or any other work that we are providing to you, within the time stipulated on the confirmation email or on our tax invoice.  

If the full amount is not paid within the time stipulated, the Directors have the right to not publish or remove your material from our websites.  

The client will be charged for any outstanding fees together with interest, legal costs, bank fees and charges, or any other expenses incurred in attempting to recover the debt.  


Privacy Policy  

The client must abide by the website's Privacy Policy.  


Rights and Responsibilities  

The client is responsible for dealing with people who access their data and information.  

The client will not attempt to refer complaints, feedback or comments in relation to this data and information to the website.  

The client will cover the website against all possible costs, expenses, loss or liability that we may directly or indirectly suffer resulting from the client or any person using the website's customer account breaching these Terms & Conditions.  

Advertisers obtain no rights to the hardware, software and other infrastructure and facilities provided or used by the website to deliver the service, other than expressly defined as part of their agreement.  

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time by us and without notice to you.  


Governing law       

The law in force in NSW, Australia governs these terms and conditions.