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Air travellers might be surprised to learn that topping the list of the world’s busiest airports isn’t ever-expanding London Heathrow, major Middle East hub, Dubai, or even Beijing, serving the capital of the largest country in the world. 

Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport took the top spot last year claiming the largest number of passenger traffic over Beijing. 

The announcement should come as no surprise to airline watchers, as this is the 12th consecutive year Atlanta has topped the list. 

According to data by Airports Council International, the provider of the annual traffic report, the biggest growth in passenger traffic has occurred in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Latin America-Caribbean, and Africa with growth rates of more than 5 percent compared to last year’s data. 

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In comparison, Europe and North America’s passenger traffic grew by just over 1 percent. Rounding out the top five is London, Tokyo, and Chicago airports. 

The Airports Council International collects the data from 1,598 commercial airports from 159 countries. 

  1. Atlanta, US
  2. Beijing, CHINA
  3. London, UK
  4. Tokyo, JAPAN
  5. Chicago, US
  6. Los Angeles, US
  7. Paris, FRANCE
  8. Dallas/Fort Worth, US
  9. Jakarta, INDONESIA
  10. Dubai, UAE
  11. Frankfurt, GERMANY
  12. Hong Kong, CHINA
  13. Denver, US
  14. Bangkok, THAILAND
  15. Singapore, SINGAPORE
  16. Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
  17. New York, US
  18. Guangzhou, CHINA
  19. Madrid, SPAIN
  20. Istanbul, TURKEY
  21. Shanghai, CHINA
  22. San Francisco, US
  23. Charlotte, US
  24. Las Vegas, US
  25. Phoenix, US


For more information, visit Airports International Council


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