New software designed to cut business travel expenses

New software designed to cut business travel expenses article image

Keeping track of travel expenses can be a nightmare for many businesses – particularly exporters.

The recent debacle over politicians’ travel expenses is a glaring example of the need for complete transparency and visibility when travelling.

Now a Melbourne-based company has devised a travel and expense solution for the corporate market to ensure company employees stay within budget.

“Our travel management platform covers all aspects of corporate travel,” says Ross Fastuca, CIO & Co-founder of Australian travel and expense technology company Locomote.

Locomote has integrated with global expense management platform Expensify, the fastest growing expense reporting software company worldwide, to simplify business travel.

The partnership aims to make corporate travel more efficient and smarter.

Now corporate travellers have all the tools needed to plan, book and report business trips in real-time.

This can result in savings of up to 35 percent for business travel, says Mr Fastuca, a corporate travel expert.

So how does it work?

Expensify’s SmartScan captures payments data directly from receipts.

This data syncs seamlessly with Locomote’s user-friendly travel solution, enabling companies to manage every aspect of their business travel.

This includes authorisations, duty of care, budgets and expenses.

This gives businesses complete control and visibility of their employee travel spend, says Mr Fastuca.

All transactions can be imported into the accounting package, and this will automatically create a report based on itinerary dates and incurred expenses.

In the past, corporate travel has been a cumbersome process, says Mr Fastuca.

“Our new self-service platform aims to make corporate travel as simple as possible,” he says.

Any business or corporate traveller can use the new software.

“Employers can keep track of travel spend no matter where they are, to ensure complete visibility.

“They can see what is being spent and what is about to be spent to avoid any abuse of travel expenses.”

“It’s about being pro-active, rather than re-active.”

Total travel and expense solution

Mr Fastuca says there are many tools now available to handle travel bookings, but nothing as comprehensive as Locomote’s new offering, which delivers a total travel and expense solution.Ross Fastuca

Last year, Travelport, a leading travel commerce platform, acquired a 49 percent share in Locomote.

Travelport provides distribution, technology, payment and other solutions for the $7 trillion global travel and tourism industry.

The Locomote platform uses all of Travelport’s Universal Profile, Universal Record, travel policy engine and Travelport’s state of the art uAPI (Universal Application Programming Interface).

This allows it to obtain real time access to Travelport’s content, including low cost and network carriers, airline ancillary products, car rental and all of the industry leading, broad range of hotel properties and rates that Travelport now distributes.

Now available in the Australia-Pacific region, Locomote has ambitious plans to market the new software to key nations globally.

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