Must for frequent flyers: smart luggage is coming

Must for frequent flyers: smart luggage is coming article image

Business travellers take note: your carry-on luggage is about to get a whole lot smarter.

An exciting new selection of “smart” luggage is expected to hit the travel market soon.

Last year, Airbus introduced the prototype of Bag2Go, a suitcase enabled with an RFID chip.Airbus Bag2Go

Airbus hopes to alleviate the stress of waiting in line at airports for luggage check-in with innovative smart baggage designed to make air travel more efficient for passengers and airlines alike. 

This specially-designed luggage was unveiled at the recent Paris Air Show.

Bag2Go can be controlled by a smartphone application and integrates electronic tagging for paperless check-in, along with a scale to weigh contents. 

Also, it is equipped for real-time tracking and self-service drop off at the airport. 

As the first digitally-enabled suitcase, Bag2Go, Airbus says it will offer benefits for airlines as well.

This includes reduced operating costs and turnaround time, fewer lost bags, and an entirely online check-in for customers.

AT&T’s smart bag is a similar product, with a built-in GPS sensor for tracking.

Bluesmart used crowd funding to create a suitcase that you can lock and unlock using your smartphone. An integrated sensor weighs the bag, and an alert will go off if you wander too far from your bag. It also has a built-in battery charger.

And watch out for Trunkster, which will have similar features.Trunkster2

Designed for the frequent traveller, Trunkster has no zips, includes GPS and can also charge your devices.

Trunkster opens and closes with a lockable sliding door, making items more accessible, and more secure at the same time.


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