More than 200 world airports in the palm of your hand

More than 200 world airports in the palm of your hand article image

You’re a business traveller transiting at an airport for a few hours and you need a place to charge your laptop.

Or perhaps you need some entertainment to kill the time – or want to find the fastest route into the city – or the quickest way from the bathroom to the boarding gate.

FLIO has the answers.

Launched late last year, this is the first global airport App for Apple’s iPhone and other iOS devices. 

FLIO offers comprehensive information on more than 200 airports around the world, including facilities such as power outlet locations, shower room amenities, smoking areas and entertainment.

One of FLIO’s key features is its ability to give users instant, one-click access to airport Wi-Fi.

FLIO gets users online in seconds by removing the step of entering personal details.

Special offers and discounts 

The app supports more than 30 free airport Wi-Fi networks at launch with the plan to expand to 200 airports within the next three months. 

It can also point you to special offers and discounts from airport shops. 

FLIO users get exclusive discounts on everything from food and drink to duty-free shopping.

FLIO will also add the ability to book many airport-related services within the App, including access to security fast track, lounges and transportation 

If you’re looking for things to do while waiting for your next flight, FLIO can provide recommended activities.

It is available as a free download for iPhone and Android users.


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