Green light for electronics on Korean Air flights

Green light for electronics on Korean Air flights  article image

Korean Air will allow the use of portable electronic devices uninterrupted throughout the duration of all flights.  

The Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport evaluated and approved the usage of the devices for all domestic and international flights, effective March 1.  

This means passengers can use smartphones, PCs, electronic books, and MP3 players for the entire flight, even during landing and take-off.  

Heavier devices, such as full-sized laptops, still must be stowed during taxi, take-off, and landing. Signal transmitting devices such as radio or walkie-talkies are not permitted in-flight.  

The airline maintains the right to restrict the usage of personal electronic devices when the aircraft is landing in low visibility or the device is affecting a navigation system.

Care packages  

And in another first, Korean Air has given birth to a new customer service for expectant mothers on international flights.News_Korea_Pregnancy kit

In addition to extra attention from flight staff, pregnant women now receive customized amenity kits with items to assist them during the flight. The care packages include organic blackberry foot cream, organic skin care cream, sleeping socks made of organic cotton, and tea for relieving morning sickness.

Passengers must request the special pregnancy service when booking their flights.  

Korean Air said that it hopes the kit and extra care will lessen fatigue for pregnant individuals during long flights. 


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