Australia has seen a small rise in its wine exports in the year ended September 2014, highlighted by a 6 percent growth in average value of bottled wine.

Wine Australia has certified two Australian-based Chinese language educators to help cultivate a love and appreciation of Australian wine among Chinese trade and consumers.

The average value of wine exports continued to rise in the year ended June 2014, driven by an increase in exports of premium Australian wines in key markets.

Twenty of Australia’s top wine producers are raising their glasses after another successful Vinexpo Asia-Pacific show in Hong Kong.

Wine buyers in China are getting more discerning about how and where they buy their favourite drop.

China’s love affair with popular Bordeaux wines is on the wane.

A new phone app has been developed to give Chinese consumers renewed confidence when buying Australian wine and food products.

The average value of wine exports continued to rise, while the total Australian wine exports declined in the 12 months ended March 2014, according to a new report.

Chinese wine trade, consumers and media had a chance to sample a large selection of Australia’s finest wines at a travelling roadshow through China this month.

Despite recent declines, China remains the number one destination for Australia’s premium wines.