As Donald Trump savours his victory have some sympathy for all those, and it was just about the entire establishment and allegedly independent fourth estate that viscously and vacuously denounced and maligned him, who will now be crawling and fawning to the man who beat them all...

The eurozone is still struggling and Africa is suffering with high food prices but the number of tourists coming to Australia is growing and the credit rating of some Asian countries is rising, according to EFIC's latest newsletter.

DHL have released their 2012 Export Barometer which reveals that exporters are growing in confidence despite the high Australian dollar.

Australia's total goods and services exports almost reached $300 billion in the 2010/2011 financial year. This is an increase of more than 17 percent year-on-year.

Two landmark US supreme court decisions have left Australian manufacturers with export interests in the USA exposed to litigation under US state laws.

The European Union has presented a plan to the World Trade Organisation to help deadlocked countries find middle ground in the stalled Doha round of trade negotiations.

Two Australian state police forces have struck a deal to export surplus weapons to the USA to offset the cost of the force upgrading to semi-automatic weapons.

Tourism Australia’s $1.5 million gamble to bring Oprah to Australia is starting to pay off, with initial data recording an increase in American travel bookings. Tourism Australia’s managing director Andrew McEvoy said it was a little early to start popping champagne corks, but there are suggestions the ‘Oprah effect’ is working.

China's demand for Australia's services has pushed the USA from the top spot as Australia's largest services export market. Exports to...