The international shipping supply chain needs to invest in technology to generate better visibility data, according to a report.

34 percent of the world population (irrespective of location, race, age and gender) are internet users. Internet has transformed the way we do business both domestically and internationally.

With constant changes in the ways we do business, how do you stay on top of the ever advancing landscape?

The NSW Government have announced their support for local technology companies to get started in Silicon Valley.

China is becoming the global leader in the development of technology.

Business travellers expect a lot from their laptop but a trio of tightly connected features tops the list. The ideal notebook should be thin, it should be light and it should have enough battery life to last a whole day and then some.

International crime fighting organisations have trialled a fingerprint detection device developed by the University of Technology’s Centre for Forensic Science.

Acting NSW Premier Andrew Stoner has announced the 23 successful local Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies that will participate in next month’s Tech23 innovation exhibition in Sydney.

The nature of our international trade is changing, along with channels of promotion and distribution. So who is leading the charge and who will be carrying us into the future?