Australian importers and exporters have had a tough couple of years thanks to subdued global growth, volatile currencies and a mining-dominated Australian economy.

In this article we consider the importance for SMEs to identify the inventors of a patent application correctly and steps that can be taken to prevent inventorship disputes.

Australia’s SMBs have set their eyes on pursuing international business endeavours as being essential to future success and growth.

The Australian Institute of Export has unveiled a new look and new name. From 25 May, the export body will operate under the title of the Export Council of Australia.

Executive director of the Export Council of Australia, Ian Murray, said that the budget had nothing of major significance for small business and absolutely nothing specifically for the exporter.

Australian SMEs have traditionally faced expensive shipping prices, making it tough for them to compete effectively against larger companies when it came to shipping locally and exporting internationally.

As part of a project coordinated by its Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Local Development, the OECD is conducting a survey, in order to better understand the barriers to internationalisation.

This year’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Honolulu has largely benefited Australian exports, with world leaders agreeing to a swathe of green energy initiatives and resolving to free up trade markets and keep protectionism at a "standstill".

Gary Cronin of Exportise asks is there a problem for Australia’s long term economic growth if the mining industry cannot continue to dominate our exports?

Growing an export business may seem like the obvious next step for SMEs with an overseas deal or two under their belts. But make sure...