The failure of the latest Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks in Hawaii has put the spotlight back on Australia’s recent Asian free trade deals...

With the emergence of China as the global e-commerce leader and rapid growth elsewhere in Asia and Latin America, online shopping has truly gone global, providing SMEs (small and medium-size enterprises) with significant growth opportunities.

The SME sector is a big winner from the May budget with cuts to company tax rates and the investment write off of asset acquisitions up to $20,000 per item.

It’s a long way to the top if you want to knit and sew – just ask Melbourne-based fashion designer, Jane Ramsay.

Australia’s trade pact with Japan has been followed by some multi-billion dollar deals in the services sector.

Australian small and medium enterprise exporters have three things in common – they are creative, confident and optimistic.

The number of Australian SMEs expecting access to finance to become more difficult over the next 12 months has doubled since the beginning of last year, according to new research.

Doing business in Korea will be easier for small to medium Australian companies in 2015.

Small and medium businesses in Australia are being encouraged to explore exciting new export opportunities made possible by the new Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement (KAFTA).

Australian SMEs expect to expand further into China and the US over the next year with service providers leading the charge, according to HSBC research.