In this exclusive interview, US eCommerce expert Kim Baudry examines the challenges now facing retail businesses and how they can survive the online onslaught…

An international insurance expert estimates that 82% of accidents in the port and terminal sector in busy Middle Eastern ports can be attributed to human error...

With the emergence of China as the global e-commerce leader and rapid growth elsewhere in Asia and Latin America, online shopping has truly gone global, providing SMEs (small and medium-size enterprises) with significant growth opportunities.

Shipping-related concerns are a crucial factor for consumers when buying online, a new study has found.

The international shipping supply chain needs to invest in technology to generate better visibility data, according to a report.

Four of the world’s biggest container transportation and shipping companies plan to launch a new joint service connecting Northeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand in early November.

Maersk Line has set a world record by transporting 17,603 containers between Europe and Asia on its flagship vessel.

Jebel Ali Port has been voted the Best Seaport – Middle East for the 20th year in a row, at the prestigious Asian Freight and Supply Chain Awards (AFSCA).

Choosing the right company to ship your goods globally can be the key to export success.

Australia will soon begin exporting thousands of live camels to the Middle East following the construction of a new purpose-built shipping vessel.