Last month US President Donald Trump signed a new bill to extend and harden existing trade sanctions with Russia.

It comes as little surprise that China is North Korea’s biggest trading partner, but what other countries are they trading with?...

The federal government will provide $5.3 million over the next four years for the re-opening of its trade office in Iran...

Russia has banned imports from a broad range of western countries in retaliation to trade sanctions imposed as a result of the Ukraine crisis.

The Australian government is working to ensure farmers hit by lost exports to Russia gain access to alternative markets, says Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce.

Foreign Minister Bob Carr has announced Australia will impose new trade sanctions on Syria.

In recognition of the political progress taking place in Burma, the Australian Government has decided to ease sanctions and normalise trade.

With Burma taking positive steps towards a more open democracy and greater engagement with the region, Australia has revised its Burma sanctions list and reducing the number of individuals to whom it applies.

The Australian Government yesterday announced new plans to impose additional sanctions in response to Iran's continuing non-compliance with the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions on its nuclear program.