The federal government is keen to enhance the trade and investment relationship between Australia and Russia, says Minister for Trade Andrew Robb.

International business school IMD in Switzerland has released its findings in its annual 'World Competitiveness Yearbook'.

Think Global's David Thomas analyses the Russian consumer in his ongoing look at BRIC economies.

These are the words of Marcus Svedberg, Chief Economist of East Capital who made his first ever visit to Australia this week to meet with potential and existing investors.

David Thomas shares his thoughts on working with BRIC nations in his latest blog post.

It is now exactly 10 years since Jim O’Neill, then the newly appointed Head of Economic Research at Goldman Sachs wrote a research paper "Dreaming with BRICs" in which he predicted that the global economy in the coming decades would be propelled by the growth of four populous and economically ambitious countries: Brazil, Russia, India and China, and famously coined the acronym "BRIC".

After 18 years of negotiations Russia has been welcomed into the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

Why was South Africa present at the BRIC 2011 Leaders summit? Where is China going in 2011? David Thomas of Think Global Consulting charts the movements of the BRIC nations as they influence the course of global economics.

Back in early 2009, at the height of the global financial crisis, I predicted that the market to watch was Brazil. I thought Brazil...