Central Asia is both a partner and a trade gateway for China and Europe...

Last month US President Donald Trump signed a new bill to extend and harden existing trade sanctions with Russia.

Russia’s growth is back in positive territory despite widespread sanctions imposed three years ago by western countries – but it may be shortlived...

The Australian dairy industry is feeling the effect of Russian trade sanctions following a sharp drop in world prices for milk powder.

No dairy farmer wanted to hear news that Russia has now imposed sanctions on Australian dairy products for the next 12 months.

Russia has banned imports from a broad range of western countries in retaliation to trade sanctions imposed as a result of the Ukraine crisis.

Australia will consider banning uranium exports to Russia as part of a new stage of sanctions against the country.

The Australian government is working to ensure farmers hit by lost exports to Russia gain access to alternative markets, says Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce.

Australia’s major commodity exports took a tumble on fears of growing defaults among highly geared Chinese companies and further signs of economic slowdown.

The Ukrainian crisis has had far-reaching consequences in the global economy, especially in Europe.