Reports on draft new guidelines for China’s coal use and their impact on Australia’s coal industry are misleading and unnecessarily alarmist, says the Minerals Council of Australia.

New trade data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows strong growth in Australian exports led by the resources trade with North Asia.

The resources boom may be over, but Australia now has three other sectors ready to take up the slack.

The volume of Australia's resources (mineral and fuels) exports grew over 10 per cent in 2013 – almost double the annual rate of the last decade – according to Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade statistics.

Australian exports have increased 11 per cent from last year with resources exports increasing 19 per cent, according to latest data.

Australia’s trade surplus rose above market expectations in December by millions.

Australia’s resource and energy commodity export earnings are expected to reach $206 billion in 2011-12, says the quarterly report by the Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics.

Australia's trade surplus rose to $2.6 billion in September, which was below market expectations however still strong in year-on-year terms. Exports have risen 12.3 percent y-o-y with imports increasing 10.7 percent.