In an ongoing effort to reduce the number of counterfeit wines in Mainland China, Shenzhen’s quarantine authority has taken action to combat fraudsters.

Corinne Campbell from XDOC explains the basics of export restrictions: what you need to know before you try to move goods.

An anonymous lobby group wrote to Tasmanian media this week alleging proposed cuts to Quarantine Tasmania’s budget could total $700,000, putting millions of dollars of agriculture at risk.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced a new trade policy for Australia, which will demand significant economic reform. Provisions include the abandonment of "low-quality" bilateral trade deals in favour of comprehensive multilateral free trade agreements.

Tasmania is now able to export its apples to China as a result of changes to China’s quarantine conditions.

Japan has announced complete market access for Australian grapefruit as a result of advancements in fruit fly management.

Australia's horticulture export industry is a well-established and long-running enterprise featuring a...