Prime Minister Julia Gillard released the White Paper Australia in the Asian Century detailing the rise of Asia as an economic power and Australia’s strategy to compete effectively within the regio.

In recognition of the political progress taking place in Burma, the Australian Government has decided to ease sanctions and normalise trade.

Australian export industries continue to get hit hard by the high dollar as Toyota retrenched workers from its Melbourne factory this week.

Former NSW Premier Bob Carr has made a sudden move to Canberra after being named as Australia’s new Foreign Minister by Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Trade Minister Dr Craig Emerson responds to some questions about his views on international trade, FTAs and Australia's export future.

The IMF have told Australian leaders they should be establishing a sovereign wealth fund to ensure the economy remains strong after the current resources boom recedes. Both the Prime Minister and the Treasurer have rejected the call.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced she will make her first bilateral state visit to North Asia from 20 to 27 April. The visit will focus on boosting Australia’s trading relationship with top export markets Japan, South Korea and China.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced a new trade policy for Australia, which will demand significant economic reform. Provisions include the abandonment of "low-quality" bilateral trade deals in favour of comprehensive multilateral free trade agreements.