A new Wine Label Intellectual Property Directory is being developed to protect Australia’s wine industry from copycat exporters...

Protecting intellectual property (IP) is one of the most significant challenges for small business exporters.

National specialist IP firm Wrays has partnered with the Australian Made Campaign to provide legal support to the campaign and help local producers protect their brands...

Businesses tend to think of managing their intellectual property (IP) as something they will eventually get around to, not as a priority to protect their innovation or brand...

If you want to expand your business and trade overseas or sell to foreign customers via the Internet, you should seriously consider seeking IP protection in the countries where you plan to trade.

In this article we consider the importance for SMEs to identify the inventors of a patent application correctly and steps that can be taken to prevent inventorship disputes.

Australia likes to think of itself as the food bowl of Asia-or even the world-but there’s so much more to our food industry than container loads of wheat. Technology is giving Australian businesses the edge when it comes to exporting.

In this latest blog from IP experts Spruson and Ferguson, they ask is having a patent important to protect your product.

In the fourth article in our series on the use of Intellectual Property (IP) by small and medium businesses (SMEs), we discuss some further thoughts shared with us by inventors who have gone through the process of conceiving an invention and developing the invention to a market-ready product.

If you are looking at exporting to a few countries you can certainly consider filing your trade mark application in countries of interest yourself, but you need to be mindful that doing it yourself increases the risk of making a mistake and either not achieving registration or gaining a weak or inappropriate registration.