The coronavirus has been reported in all 23 provinces in China and around the world...

World trade declined in the first half of the year and will experience a 0.7% loss in volume over the year, the Coface barometer predicts...

Think Global's David Thomas analyses the Russian consumer in his ongoing look at BRIC economies.

Father Christmas, Saint Nick or, as he is better known, Santa Claus himself is a symbol of the global economy.

It is now exactly 10 years since Jim O’Neill, then the newly appointed Head of Economic Research at Goldman Sachs wrote a research paper "Dreaming with BRICs" in which he predicted that the global economy in the coming decades would be propelled by the growth of four populous and economically ambitious countries: Brazil, Russia, India and China, and famously coined the acronym "BRIC".

David Thomas blogs about the rise of the BRIC nations in the face of the economic decline of the world's previous powerhouses. "With a combined GDP of $8.7 trillion in 2010, the BRIC economies already account for 45 percent of global economic growth."