Australia’s trade pact with Japan has been followed by some multi-billion dollar deals in the services sector.

Trade and Investment Minister Andrew Robb has returned from a trip to the Middle East to help open the door wider for two-way trade with Australia.

After nearly five years of negotiations the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) should be signed and sealed within months, says Trade Minister Andrew Robb.

Cherries are the leading fruit growth product of all major fresh fruit exported from Australia, according to latest industry data.

Trade Minister Andrew Robb has just confirmed that the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement grants Australia most favoured nation status, which puts Australia on par with the EU and the United States in its trading relationship with China.

With the commodities boom fast becoming a distant memory, governments across Australia are looking to services industries to prop up flagging exports and put the economy on a more sustainable growth trajectory.

Australia has recently concluded trade agreements with Asia’s three biggest economies – China, Japan and Korea – and Australia’s three largest export markets.

Many of Australia’s exporters are feeling more positive about what the coming year will bring, according to a new business survey.

Australian goods and services exports rose by 1.3 per cent in January 2015 compared to the previous month, according to latest industry data.

Australian dairy farmers are expected to be among the big winners following the free trade deal with China.