For exporters, adverse movements in exchange rates are an inherent risk of doing business in international markets.

CurrencyFair, a new international currency exchange fund, today released research claiming that consumers are unhappy with the fees they pay banks.

Staff of OzForex swapped their suits for superhero capes, and raised $100,000, as part of the company’ s annual Charity Day on August 9.

A new international agreement announced by the Australian Government will see more support offered to local SMEs.

OzForex has launched a new website after heightened market volatility has lead to double the number of people using their site in the past 12 months.

Travelex Global Business Payments has announced foreign exchange trading lines will double, giving export-oriented SMEs a boost.

Peter Mace shares his thoughts on staying strong in a changing market.

Anthony Gray of Travelex says the Aussie is no longer being driven by the usual fundamentals which affect currency movements, so businesses need to watch out for corrections.

The high Australian dollar is exposing even large enterprises to damaging market competition, says Ian Murray, Executive Director of the AIEx. Where’s the export rescue package?

Anthony Moss of Incite Management says the strong dollar is a great opportunity for exporters to think strategically.