The signing of a Free Trade Agreement between Australia and China will boost trade and economic growth in both countries, says ANZ.

Australia is the fourth most expensive country in the world for international money transfers, behind South Africa, Japan and France, new figures show.

Some refer to China’s currency as the yuan, others call it the renminbi. Who is right?

OzForex Group, a leading provider of online international payment services, is now making it easier for small to medium businesses to process foreign currency invoices.

It's even easier to sign up and transfer money internationally after a new agreement between international payments specialist NZForex and RealMe, to use its online identification service.

Expanding your business into multiple countries can be a great way to drive revenue and increase your client base.

For exporters, adverse movements in exchange rates are an inherent risk of doing business in international markets.

CurrencyFair, a new international currency exchange fund, today released research claiming that consumers are unhappy with the fees they pay banks.

Staff of OzForex swapped their suits for superhero capes, and raised $100,000, as part of the company’ s annual Charity Day on August 9.

A new international agreement announced by the Australian Government will see more support offered to local SMEs.