It may come as little surprise that according to Roy Morgan Research, recognition is the main source of job satisfaction for Australians.

Australian businesses run the risk of missing out on the Asian Internet boom, according to a Reserve Bank of Australia official.

During more than a decade dealing with India, leading trade missions, writing for Indian business media and advising on cross-cultural issues, Stephen Manallack cites ten reasons for India’s meteoric rise on the world stage …

Wine buyers in China are getting more discerning about how and where they buy their favourite drop.

Trade Minister Andrew Robb has announced the membership of a high-calibre Trade and Investment Advisory Council (TIPAC).

Decelerated growth in China could impact significantly on the Asian economy, including Australia, a new survey has found.

Exporters are constantly looking for ways to cut costs and improve efficiencies.

Almost every enterprise in Australia should be looking at collaboration and business links with India – but it is not easy, explains author and cultural expert Stephen Manallack. It requires patience and understanding. Even Non-Resident Indians (NRI’s) can find the landscape different. Mr Manallack offers the following tips to help your experience when doing business in India…

IP Australia has released the second Australian Intellectual Property Report – a comprehensive overview of Australia's Intellectual Property system and how we compare globally.

Women in Global Business will host a workshop in Sydney this month to assist Australian businesswomen to grow internationally.