New research by MYOB reveals the economic confidence and overall business outlook of our importers and exporters is finally on the rise.

eCommerce is a great area to be involved in as it offers many opportunities for selling products to international customers. But without the steady influx of these customers, an online business wanting to export products is not going to get very far.

Stuart Anderson, Director of Manufacturing and Supply at AstraZeneca Australia, takes Dynamic Export through the pharmaceutical company’s experience of exporting overseas and valuable lessons that small exporters can learn from.

David Thomas is back in Brazil and looking at how the country's growing economy could be helpful to Australia's exporters.

What started as a website comparing shipping prices has evolved into a parcel forwarding service.

Senior economist and JW Neville Fellow in Economics at the Australian School of Business Tim Harcourt says that immigrants make great exporters and their contribution to the economy is not to be ignored.