The Coface Group, a world leader in credit insurance, has identified a new “very high risk sector” for companies doing business in Asia.

Assessing business risk is vital for Australian companies involved in international trade.

Chinese authorities are struggling between supporting economic activity and targeting economic policy measures, weakening many companies and affecting the balance growth by rising wages.

As Southern Europe continues to face economic gloom and doom, signs of struggle have also spread to Cyprus, India and Argentina, where previous business models are failing.

With the global economy in turmoil, a new report by Coface examines what's happening in China and how that might affect Australian exporters.

A country risk assessment has placed Australia on ‘negative watch’ as two leading sectors struggle against competitive prices in an already unstable economic climate.

Coface has held its 16th Country Risk Conference with the focus being on the current crisis in the Euro zone.

Eight developed countries have been removed from positive watch by Coface after the deterioration of the average strength of companies in Europe and the United States over the past year.