The Federal Budget lays the foundations for the Government’s commitment to a Free Trade Agreement with Indonesia, Trade Minister Steven Ciobo said last night...

Short term, there will be no real impact to importers and exporters from the Budget...

The 2015 Budget will provide $24.6 million to assist Australian businesses make the most of the export and job-creating opportunities generated by these historic Free Trade Agreements.

The SME sector is a big winner from the May budget with cuts to company tax rates and the investment write off of asset acquisitions up to $20,000 per item.

Small exporters can still apply for a rebate for 50 per cent of export registration charges this financial year.

Australian exporters will benefit from a boost in funding to The Export Finance and Insurance Corporation and the Export Market Development Grants scheme announced in the federal budget.

Wayne Swan delivered the Federal budget last night with a promise to return to surplus by 2012, but industry groups say it doesn’t offer enough to help business.

The world is "licking its lips" for Australian resources making predictions of economic doom and gloom for the May budget unrealistic, a leading economic forecaster has said.

An anonymous lobby group wrote to Tasmanian media this week alleging proposed cuts to Quarantine Tasmania’s budget could total $700,000, putting millions of dollars of agriculture at risk.