Online shoppers are the winners when it comes to the strong AUD, with the Aussie boosting incomes from high commodity prices by increasing the community’s purchasing power of internationally produced goods and services.

BLOG: Gary Cronin of Exportise blogs on making the most of the strong dollar. Don't give up!

Australia’s citrus industry is struggling under the weight of a strong Australian dollar reducing exports and the resulting oversupply of oranges driving domestic prices down.

Dynamic Export spoke to Austrade’s chief economist Tim Harcourt about the state of the market in the wake of the data released in the 2011 DHL Export Barometer.

Ian Murray says that despite tough times for exporters, there are some outstanding success stories to inspire the industry.

Peter Mace shares his thoughts on staying strong in a changing market.

Anthony Gray of Travelex says the Aussie is no longer being driven by the usual fundamentals which affect currency movements, so businesses need to watch out for corrections.

Gary Cronin of Exportise presents a real life strategy of how one of his clients turned the high dollar into an advantage and saved its business in the US market.

Anthony Moss of Incite Management says the strong dollar is a great opportunity for exporters to think strategically.

Wayne Swan delivered the Federal budget last night with a promise to return to surplus by 2012, but industry groups say it doesn’t offer enough to help business.