How is Australia courting Indian students and the Indian investment sector two years on from a wave of violence which diminished Indian student numbers?

Just because two countries seem culturally similar on the surface, it doesn't mean they approach business in the same way.

Trade Minister Craig Emerson has praised the "panoply" of investment opportunities open to Australians as China develops its domestic economy.

Prime Minister John Key is in Canberra this week on an official visit to discuss ways to strengthen bilateral trade and diplomatic efforts with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

India has launched negotiations for a free trade agreement with Australia days before Federal Trade Minister Craig Emerson is due to meet his Indian counterpart Anand Sharma in Canberra.

Federal Trade Minister Craig Emerson is visiting Jakarta this week in a bid to strengthen trade ties with the tiger economy. He will conduct wide-ranging talks with his Indonesian counterpart Dr Mari Pangestu.

One of China’s most important leaders, Jia Qinglin has used his recent visit to Australia to stress China’s commitment to reach a free trade agreement between the two nations. But he says the challenges facing China as it moves to modernise are significant.

Milton Friedman: Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.