The resources boom may be over, but Australia now has three other sectors ready to take up the slack.

The recent supermarket price war on milk has forced Australian dairy suppliers to look elsewhere for new markets and revenue sources.

The average value of wine exports continued to rise in the year ended June 2014, driven by an increase in exports of premium Australian wines in key markets.

Australian exporters remain optimistic about global trade prospects this year despite the stubbornly high Australian dollar.

As Twitter's user growth is gradually slowing down, much of its future growth will occur in highly populated, developing regions such as Asia.

Sports medicine is the latest Aussie export to hit China.

With so much talk about the “Asian century,” any start-up with big ambitions should think about being “Asia-capable.”

Australian businesses run the risk of missing out on the Asian Internet boom, according to a Reserve Bank of Australia official.

Asia is not on our doorstep, it is now in the lounge room of our future.

The Coface Group, a world leader in credit insurance, has identified a new “very high risk sector” for companies doing business in Asia.