Australia’s disappointing export performance in India may be about to improve because of three converging trends, according to Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (EFIC).

With the trading spotlight now firmly on China, Korea and Japan following the recent signing of free trade agreements, the Philippines has become the “forgotten man” of Asia.

Australian exporters can expect significant new opportunities following Australia’s signing of a historic free trade agreement (FTA) with China.

The federal government is lobbying to get Australian exporters guaranteed access to global government procurement markets, including those of the European Union.

Austrade is planning a major promotion during next year’s ICC Cricket World Cup to foster international business links.

The Japanese Parliament has given the green light to a free trade agreement with Australia, paving the way for the trade pact to take effect early next year.

Trade between Australia and Myanmar is expected to expand significantly with the introduction of new economic reforms in that country.

Production increases in the resources and energy sectors should translate to increased export volumes, according to new data.

Despite global economic uncertainties Australia’s exports are increasing, according to the latest industry data.

New trade data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows strong growth in Australian exports led by the resources trade with North Asia.