Australia likes to think of itself as the food bowl of Asia-or even the world-but there’s so much more to our food industry than container loads of wheat. Technology is giving Australian businesses the edge when it comes to exporting.

According to commodities forecaster ABARES, the farming, fisheries and forestry export sectors are expecting further growth in the next financial year.

HSBC have predicted that China will take over the US as the world's leading trading nation by 2016.

Agricultural export sales have bounced back in the 2010 - 11 financial year after years of drought and other weather disasters.

Paul Ryan of blogs about how rural businesses can make their mark online.

Australia's agricultural export earnings for 2011-12 are forecast for a very comfortable rise according to the ABARES Agricultural commodities-September quarter 2011 report.

A new system of export certification will give Australia’s meat industry a boost, the Minister for Agriculture Joe Ludwig has announced.

A new Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre will open in Western Australia to drive development in the industry.

Australia’s citrus industry is struggling under the weight of a strong Australian dollar reducing exports and the resulting oversupply of oranges driving domestic prices down.

David Thomas of Think Global explains why the Chinese are increasingly choosing organic food, and how it offers a chance for Australian farmers.