Submitting news to Dynamic Export  

Dynamic Export welcomes news releases and articles from the export sector.  

All submissions are subject to approval from our editor.  

To submit an article for inclusion on our website and/or e-newsletter please attach in either a word or text format.

We encourage you to include a high resolution image(s) with each submission.  

If you wish to submit editorial or advertorials, a fee of $495 will apply.

Also, please include your company or personal contact details including name, phone number and website address (if applicable).  


You must have the right to represent the individual, entity, product or service mentioned in the material.    

You warrant that material submitted for inclusion in the website is owned by you or you have the right to use and publish that material.

You retain copyright for all material supplied and authorise to use, produce, modify or adapt, publish or digitally display the material supplied.  

The material supplied must not breach any law or the rights of any other person.

Media releases 

Don’t overwrite press releases. Focus on the message you are trying to get to your customers, and present figures, facts and quotes that illustrate this. 

If you're writing about a new product, highlight the features and explain how the product and/or service will benefit end users.

If you're writing about a new appointment or deal (eg. company merger), explain how this will help you serve your customers better. Include as much detail as possible.

If you are writing a case study about a client, think about how specific functions of your products and services show your company's capabilities. Please include the name of the customer and explain how your products or services were used.

Also give details of when and where the job took place. Include features of the equipment used. Say why you or your customer chose this equipment or service, and why you or your customer performed the job in that way, and how this helped you meet your customer's requirements. Include quotes, both from within your company and from your customers or partners. Please ensure you include the name, job title and contact details for people you quote, so we can follow up and get more details.


Dynamic Export encourages good quality images to be included in all submissions.

Attention-grabbing pictures will be given priority. If you want to make sure we carry your news and it is noticed by readers, one of the most important steps is to include a good picture.

Technically, pictures should be in .jpg, .png or .gif format. In terms of file size, a picture should be no more than 100kb.

The best way to check if a picture is usable though is to check the resolution and dimensions. On most computers you can do this by right-clicking on the picture file and selecting "Get info" or "Properties". This should give information on the resolution, which should be no greater than 72dpi, and dimensions, which should be no greater than the 600 pixels along the shortest edge.

Sending media releases and pictures 

Press releases should be formatted in the simplest way possible, as a word document or as a plain text file.  

Pictures are not to be embedded in the document, but included as a separate file.  

Please include captions with all pictures. Your document should explain what is shown in each picture.  

If you include good, high resolution, pictures (again, vital to getting your story featured prominently), your release may be too big to send by email. We don't receive notifications if an email is dropped, and you won't either.  

So, to make sure your release and pictures get to us, please either host them on your own site and send us a link or use a free and simple file sharing service like Dropbox or This will allow you to upload all of your files to the web in one click, and then send us a link to download them.  

Media releases and pictures should be sent to:  

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