Overview_IP-Legal2   Protecting your intellectual property (IP) overseas

   This section contains information and articles on protecting and defending your Intellectual Property (IP) as well as legal advice specific to international businesses.  

   Find out what you need to know when you do your due diligence, what to include in  your contracts and how to deal with disputes.  

Intellectual property  

IP Australia has developed a suite of fact sheets called IP Passport outlining foreign IP regimes. These focus on some of the IP issues and challenges facing Australian exporters. They cover 11 countries including - Canada, China, Korea, European Union, India, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and the US.

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International contracts for the sale of goods can be very complex. Before negotiating an international sales contract, exporters should seek advice on the legal implications from a professional who specialises in international contracts.  

And there are many issues that may affect your ability to trade and operate offshore.  

Australian companies need to ensure they have checked the credentials of overseas partners and buyers.  

Before signing or accepting contracts, it is in your interests to seek professional legal advice from legal firms specialising in international work.  

Austrade, the Australian Government's trade, investment and education promotion agency, can provide advice in this area.  

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