Airlines await swine flu travel advice

Airlines await swine flu travel advice article image

Airlines and other travel services are operating as normal while awaiting government advice on how to act to prevent the spread of swine flu around the globe. Spokespeople from both Qantas and Virgin Blue have said they will work closely with Australian and international authorities to monitor the signs of outbreak. "There are no specific changes to travel arrangements or Qantas services. Qantas has standard procedures in place and regularly reviews them to manage these sorts of risks," said the Qantas spokesperson. Meanwhile, law firm Deacons has extended legal advice to Australian employers on how to deal with swine flu. "There is an urgent need to regulate and limit non-essential business travel to known infected areas," said partner Michael Tooma. "There needs to be monitoring of people who have gone to affected areas, even on a personal basis." Tooma advises businesses to clear employees before they return to work to minimise the risk of contamination. "There are also very basic things that employers can and should do - focus on hygiene in the workplace and make sure people are made aware in a measured and informed way," he said.


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