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Live animal exports of sheep and cattle have been approved for three companies from Western and South Australia.The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) has approved the export of approximately 190,000 sheep and 400 cattle to the Middle East region after the three companies were able to assure DAFF that all the required addition safeguards for the health and welfare of the animals were in place. These new standards have been put in place in order to assure that the importing countries would be aware of Australia's high standards of export goods and to minimise the risk of consignments being refused to unload. Exporters must now comply with the following in order to meet DAFF standards:

  • provide more detail about what they would do if a shipment is delayed or refused unloading
  • carry additional feed, water and veterinary supplies to cover the possibility of diversions and delay; and
  • engage additional stock handlers.

For more information on Australia's live export trade visit the DAFF website.


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