Who would have thought shipping containers could look this good

Who would have thought shipping containers could look this good article image

The humble shipping container is the lifeblood of exporters the world over.

But now these large reusable steel boxes are making a fashion statement in real estate.

In 2013 a spectacular Brisbane property was designed using 31 shipping containers and made headlines for its jaw-dropping good looks.

And more recently an Australian design competition was launched inviting architects to create a vacation home created entirely from shipping containers.

This stunning and sustainable holiday home overlooking Sydney’s Bondi Beach (pictured) made out of steel shipping containers and wood panels took first prize.

Czech architect Ales Javurek who won the AC-CA (Architectural Competition – Concours d’Architecture) said he wanted to design a two-storey home that “draws on and complements the natural surrounds of Bondi.”

Roof garden

The house features an open concept living space on the entrance level, bedrooms on the upper floor and a roof garden (which also acts as insulation).shipping containers2

Wooden slabs are used to define spaces and create zoning throughout the home, while wooden pergolas protect from solar exposure.

The design makes use of natural ventilation and light to regulate internal temperature, while glazing adds an additional layer of sustainable support.

“I believe that internal connection between spaces and users’ circulation is absolutely essential. That is why I provided clear, straight connections between platforms with barrier-free entrance and corridors which are orthogonal to the main axis,” Javurek told Real 

As well as a distinctive design aesthetic, shipping containers are ideal for building because they can be easily stacked, which means quick and efficient construction.


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