TempCheck: a new solution to export pharma products

TempCheck: a new solution to export pharma products article image

TempCheck is a new solution from Etihad Cargo to ensure the integrity of all temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and healthcare products as they are transported around the world.

Etihad Cargo, the freight division of United Arab Emirates (UAE) carrier Etihad Airways, unveiled the new storage service at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi last month.

To comply with industry and regulatory guidelines all temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products, including blood plasma, tablets, medicines and anaesthetics, must be kept within different temperature ranges.

This ensures the products retain their integrity and are protected from degradation due to exposure to heat and cold during the transportation process.

TempCheck incorporates the latest equipment, processes and operating procedures to keep pharmaceutical products within a temperature controlled environment at every stage of the journey – from the cool room facility to the ramp, and from the aircraft to the customer.

Trained and experienced service teams and ground handling staff monitor and supervise the new system.

“Over the last two years we have seen tremendous growth in the amount of pharmaceutical products we have successfully transported over our hub in Abu Dhabi as we continue to expand our passenger and cargo networks,” said David Kerr, Etihad Airways Vice President Cargo.

Purpose-built facilities

To meet this increasing demand, Etihad Cargo has also upgraded its temperature controlled storage facilities in Abu Dhabi and has refurbished its existing cool rooms to meet pharmaceutical-safe specifications.

Extensive new purpose-built facilities are also being established and are scheduled to come online later this year.

“We have been working closely with our pharmaceutical customers in developing this specialised solution,” said Mr Kerr.

The aim is to ensure temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products are protected at every stage of the journey, and reach their final destination in perfect condition.

TempCheck provides:

  • A range of temperature controlled (active) Unit Load Device (ULD) containers that are available for lease, for keeping products in cool, chilled or frozen states during transportation
  • Pre-cooled thermo blanket protection (passive), for wrapping around temperature-sensitive cargo whilst being moved between the aircraft and the cool room facility
  • Prioritised  ground handling and loading, ensuring that all cargo is transferred between the cool facility and aircraft within 40 minutes maximum
  • Temperature controlled cargo hold within the aircraft
  • Extensive cool room facilities at its hub in Abu Dhabi to provide customers with variable temperature storage options. 

Etihad Cargo offers a combination of bellyhold capacity and maindeck freighter services to 111 destinations internationally, operated by a fleet of 111 passenger and freighter aircraft.


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