Seeking expert advice can save time and money

Seeking expert advice can save time and money article image

It pays to seek expert advice before importing or exporting products across the globe.

Making the wrong decision can prove very costly.

“When moving freight you must know what’s involved,” says Hubert Igbnoba, CEO of Change Freight Forwarding + Consulting (CFF).

CFF works closely with its clients to tailor the most efficient way to move import and export freight.

Such consultation is vital in order to find the most cost effective solutions, says Mr Igbnoba.

CFF offers specialised freight consulting services to assist exporters and importers to analyse and identify growth potential – to maximise efficiency and minimise costs.

“With our commodity trading experience, we can also facilitate matching of potential buyers and sellers,” Mr Igbnoba says.

“We can look at the processes currently in place and show them how they can improve those processes.

“CFF can help to determine the best direction for all logistics needs and ensure compliance with laws and regulations, including customs legislation.”

Mr Igbnoba says it is vital for exporters and importers to consult with experts before making any decisions.

“Making decisions without knowledge or know-how can be very costly.

“That is where we come in.”

Established in 2006, CFF specialises in air and sea freight, rail and road, customs clearance and freight consulting.

“We offer a more customised and personal service than many of the larger companies, says Mr Igbnoba. We see our customers as our partners … they are not just a number.

“We try to find the best options for every logistics transaction as a priority.”

CFF exports from Australia to key global trading regions including Asia, Middle East, Africa, US, UK and Europe.

And CFF can facilitate door-to-door pickup and delivery, to and from anywhere in the world.

For more information contact CFF on ph: 1300 887 612


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