Savvy Melbourne fashion designer finds key to export success

Savvy Melbourne fashion designer finds key to export success article image

It’s a long way to the top if you want to knit and sew – just ask Melbourne-based fashion designer, Jane Ramsay.

In a career spanning more than two decades, Jane has certainly done the hard yards.

But her dedication and commitment to her craft has paid off in spades. 

The stylish Jane Ramsay fashion label can now be found in leading fashion outlets around the world.

Jane spent the early days of her fashion career in Los Angeles forecasting fashion trends and searching for fashion collections that would appeal to customers in Australia. During this time, she identified a need for genuine design in Australia based on her individual perspective of fashion – design that did not replicate collections from other countries. 

Seven years and a business degree later, Jane developed her own collection and launched Jane Ramsay. Simple, stylish, flattering, and feminine, her clothing line has a place in every modern woman's wardrobe. 

Jane Ramsay defines the look that not only moves easily through the multi-facets of daily life, but appears effortless and is high on style. 

“Life is not about finding yourself, but about creating yourself. My style has always been my own edit and my own take on fashion,” says Jane. 

Business challenges 

For Jane, fashion is a global pursuit and the success of her label relies heavily on the ability to connect her collection with international shoppers. 

From the beginning, Jane built her business with the objective of providing her exclusive designs to customers locally and globally, particularly those based in North America – the world’s largest e-commerce market. 

Jane understood the global fashion industry and knew where her targeted customers were located around the world, but she found the complex logistics management and regulatory environment daunting. 

She sought to engage a global logistics provider to help her overcome these challenges as well as provide a seamless service.Jane_Campaign Shot 3_Luxury Travel Essentials_HR

As a web retailer, Jane faced another hurdle – building customer trust. “At a time when the label was relatively unheard of, conveying the quality of my collections and gaining early consumer confidence was crucial,” says Jane. “Products need to arrive on-time and in a flawless condition. I also developed a clearly defined returns policy so that if an item needs to be returned, exchanged or refunded it can be easily managed.” 

Efficient, simple shipping solutions

Jane attributes much of her label’s success to the dependability and trustworthiness offered to her FedEx, a well-known international shipping company.

FedEx provides fast and reliable express delivery & air freight services to more than 220 countries and territories – and has a well-earned reputation for its support of small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The team at FedEx worked closely with Jane to offer a tailored service aligned to her business strategy.

According to Jane, the ‘good old fashioned relationship building’ she experienced with her FedEx representative Kenneth Laker helped shape the growth of her brand.

Jane recalls her first meeting with Kenneth at a local coffee shop.

“FedEx has been tremendously important, particularly in those early days when I really thought I’d made a serious error in judgment starting the business following the Global Financial Crisis at a time when customers were unreceptive to buying from an untested label. 

Workable solutions

“In those days my office was an extension of my daughter’s bedroom. To have someone return my calls promptly, to be able to put a face to a name and for someone to take the time to meet with me was invaluable.”

FedEx listened and understood Jane’s challenges. FedEx solutions gave her transparency in terms of cost and effectively managed her specific supply chain needs. By working with Jane to understand her concerns, FedEx tailored an individual approach and provided workable solutions, which alleviated her concerns and allowed her to bring her designs to life.

Now more than ever online retail presents a wealth of opportunity for Australian SMEs to reach customers in international markets. 

In a quickly changing marketplace, the challenge now is to meet evolving customer expectations. 

“As an online retailer, meeting my customer’s shipping needs is key to successfully growing my business,” explains Jane, who relies on services like FedEx International Priority for customs cleared, door-to-door service for urgent shipments. 

She also selects FedEx International Economy Service for less urgent shipments, which allow her to trade time for savings.

Small companies need flexibility

FedEx provides expertise and knowledge on supply chain management to enable SMEs to focus on business growth. 

“In Australia there are around two million SMEs, comprising around 95% of all businesses,” Kim Garner, managing director, FedEx Express Australasia points out.

“We understand small companies need flexibility, speed and the ability to adapt and anticipate having the right product in the right place at the right time.

“They need strategic resources and advice, which can help save time and money while they are growing.”

Jane Ramsay represents just one of the Australian SMEs FedEx has helped to expand to international markets. 

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Jane Ramsay specialises in creating unique clothing, which not only appeals to customers within Australia, but also in the US, France, Mexico, Hong Kong and New Zealand.


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