How a global logistics company is maintaining a safe workplace

How a global logistics company is maintaining a safe workplace article image

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a host of new challenges to businesses worldwide.

As whole countries locked down, many workplaces had no choice but to run a remote working model for staff. However, it wasn’t so simple for transport and logistics focused businesses, who needed to remain operational despite growing COVID-19 case numbers.

New challenges for freight, logistics and transport companies became apparent immediately.

To maintain a safe workplace, these companies must be aware of who is (or has been) on their premises at all times.

Providing a hygienic way to sign-in visitors and employees to mitigate the risk of contamination became imperative.

Manual sign-in processes such as paper logbooks had to be urgently replaced with a workplace management system.

While governments created QR codes for the general population, most businesses had no visibility over the data they were collecting. They had no way of screening visitors to determine if they posed a workplace health risk.

Safe and secure sign-in process

For logistics companies, a workplace management system provides an ideal solution.

It can be used alongside mandatory government QR codes, not only to monitor people entering and leaving the premises, but also to streamline the sign-in process.

SwipedOn is a New Zealand based company which has helped over 7,000 workplaces globally to operate a safe and secure sign in for visitors and employees, including Bolloré Logistics, DHL and XPO Logistics.

These businesses have been benefiting from having a touch-free visitor and staff sign in app with features such as health screening, contact tracing and employee in/out throughout the pandemic and beyond.

Data privacy

The most helpful features that helped these businesses remain open was the introduction of contactless visitor sign in and the SwipedOn Pocket employee sign in app.

Bolloré Logistics faced challenges with signing in visitors at the front desk using the paper log book. The company required a formalised process to sign in visitors according to legislative requirements, including data privacy and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) that visitors were required to acknowledge and sign upon entry to the building.

SwipedOn provided a platform that clearly instructs visitors of site requirements with NDAs that can be customised and retains relevant information for government agencies to audit.

Since using SwipedOn, Bolloré Logistics have seen significant improvements to the visitor sign in process, including accurate records, real time inductions, and instant visitor notifications – resulting in a safer, more productive workplace.


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