How Incat continues to make waves in overseas markets

How Incat continues to make waves in overseas markets article image

With impeccable credentials and truly impressive commercial and technological achievements, Incat is at the forefront of catamaran construction. 

The Tasmanian based company boasts customers in more than 20 countries across the globe from South America to Scandinavia.

When it comes to exporting Australian value-add technology to the world, Incat is placed among those at the commercial apex and rightly so.

The famous exporter of Aussie marine technology continues to go from strength to strength with a busy and an impressive record order book for 2016.

BizTechWrite received a brief from to translate 12 manuals, over 500 pages, of detailed technical text from English and various European English derivatives into Japanese.


These manuals included, maintenance service & repair, operator & user guides as well as supplementary graphics and health & safety documentation.

The brief presented us with a number of challenges.

Firstly, some of the words, expressions and technical phrases have no exact equivalent in Japanese.

Second, the style of English phraseology and the verb to context syntax of the existing documents were, we believed, “translation restrictive”.

What this meant was we had to, in effect, rewrite the detailed English technical documents with all technical explanatory notes into a form of English that could be effectively translated into (in this case) Japanese.

Critical importance

It is not possible to overstate the critical importance of such a step in the language translation process. Translation success and accuracy can only be assured by taking this critical translation preparation in the first instance.

Translation teams then took the smoothed and prepared text, diagrams and technical tables.

Edit and review teams then completed final editing and proof reading before the document presentation team prepared the documents for delivery to Incat.

By using our extensive knowledge of language translation (we translate all the world’s languages to and from English) and document preparation we were able to deliver all translated documents to a high standard, on-time and within budget.

For companies looking to market their products and services in non-English speaking countries, it pays to use professional service providers such as BizTechWrite.

David Gray is lead consultant at BizTechWrite a company specialising in translation services, including technical documents. For an obligation free review of a sample of your documents contacted David on 0458 701 990 or at

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