Freight efficiency vital at new Sydney airport

Freight efficiency vital at new Sydney airport article image

Freight facilities must be a central component of the proposed new airport in Western Sydney, says the Australian Logistics Council.

Earlier this week Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull confirmed the plan for a western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek had been finalised.

“After decades of studies and planning, all the approvals are now in place,” Mr Turnbull said in a statement.

Mr Turnbull said the Federal and NSW governments were working together to map out road and rail linkages to the $3.6bn project.

Michael Kilgariff, ALC Managing Director said it is imperative Sydney’s next airport is planned and built in such a way that accommodates expected future freight flows.

“According to the 2013 Aviation White Paper, air freight volumes are expected to double by 2025 while the NSW Government predicts Sydney Airport will deal with more than 1.5 million tonnes of cargo each year by the 2035 – up from 650,000 tonnes in 2012,” Mr Kilgariff said.

No restrictions

Badgerys Creek airport has to be a curfew-free airport, he said.

“We cannot afford restrictions to be placed on the airport that inhibit the efficient movement of freight.

“Both at home and abroad, curfew-free airports provide significant economic benefits. In Australia, this is evidenced by the operation of Melbourne and Brisbane Airports which both do not have a curfew. “The imposition of a curfew on Badgerys would put it at a disadvantage when compared to these two other airports.”

Mr Turnbull said Stage One of the airport would be operation in the mid-2020s and would comprise a single runway and facilities to cater for 10 million passengers per year. 

A second, parallel runway is expected to be required by around 2050.

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