Exporting to NZ is about to get a whole lot easier

Exporting to NZ is about to get a whole lot easier article image

Leading international express provider DHL Express has launched a new overnight delivery service between Sydney and Auckland five days a week using a giant Boeing 767-300F aircraft.

The new freighter aircraft has 50% more cargo capacity for the Trans-Tasman lane, one of the key trade lanes for DHL Express Australia.

The Boeing 767 replaces the Boeing 757 offering more operational flexibility and an all-digital flight deck which allows it to support time-critical deliveries.

It also boosts high fuel efficiency with a proven combination of light, durable aluminium alloy and composite structure, making it lighter than competing freighters.

DHL Express transports a diverse range of goods between Sydney and Auckland, including time critical deliveries such as medical supplies and equipment, spare parts for the agricultural industry, automotive parts plus electronics.

Based on the latest figures from the DHL Export Barometer 2017, New Zealand remains the top export market for Australian businesses, with 61% of exporters sending goods across the Trans-Tasman trade lane. One in four businesses named New Zealand as their largest export market.

Latest technology

When the service began some 25 years ago, DHL was using a Citation jet with a 300kg payload. The 767, featuring a 55,000kg payload, is the fifth aircraft to be used in that period.

“As an international air express carrier, aviation is at the core of our business,” said Gary Edstein, CEO and Senior Vice President of DHL Express Oceania.

“The Boeing 767 aircraft will enhance the efficiency and speed of delivery, with the latest technology for communications, navigation, enhanced safety systems, and automated roller systems to assist with loading and unloading.”

DHL is the only logistics company with a dedicated aircraft across the Trans-Tasman lane, he said.

“Over the last decade, trade between Australia and New Zealand has steadily increased, making New Zealand one of our largest services trade partner.

“And with this purpose-built freighter aircraft, we will ensure that we remain competitive for many years to come.”DHL_Gary Eckstein

Attractive market for exporters

Mr Edstein said New Zealand remains an attractive market for exporters with 4.5 million people on Australia’s doorstep.

“If an SME is looking to go global, the first thing they should do is to try and look at the local, closest market – and the closest market is New Zealand.”

The Boeing 767 is equipped with powered cargo-handling equipment, both on the main deck and in lower holds, making cargo handling easier and more seamless.

The cargo-handling system and operator interface provide complete automation of the cargo-loading process.

The freighter’s main deck has both interior and exterior master control panels along with local control panels to provide maximum flexibility.

Gary Edstein … ‘enhanced efficiency and speed of delivery’


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