Quick Fix: Litter Kwitter on Marketing

Quick Fix: Litter Kwitter on Marketing article image

Jo Lapidge’s story about how she used her exposure on the David Letterman Show to land a big new account is a great example of re-using these opportunities not just for lead generation but for large contract negotiations. "As I stepped of the plane in JFK enroute to a big presentation with a huge distributor for the east coast, my mobile rang and it was our PR company screaming, ‘Oh my god, oh my god! Guess what? Litter Kwitter was just been aired on David Letterman!’" The segment itself was valued at a media equivalency of around $60 000, according to Lapidge, and reached an estimated 3.5million viewers. But even more rewarding was what she then did with that segment. "I quickly purchased the segment," says Lapidge. The cost was minimal and she managed to add it into the presentation she was to deliver later that same day to the potential new East Coast buyer. "The buyer was most impressed and placed an order immediately, only to double it again by the time I had returned to LA two days later. We've maintained this brief in three export markets, with a little tweaking here and there. A quirky vision never fails to capture the media's attention. Then I get to use it at the business end with our serious message about our product and close the sale.


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