How your rural export business can compete online

How your rural export business can compete online  article image

Paul Ryan, manager of, offers some tips on how to make the most of your website. Many rural businesses who export their products online need to compete with hundreds of other businesses all over the world to attract customers and sell their products. In order to compete in this crowded marketplace it’s important to increase your online visibility to get your business seen by potential customers. You can achieve this by implementing an online marketing strategy to build your brand online and improve your search engine optimisation. Here are some tactics used in an online marketing strategy, which can help your business to increase its online visibility. Increase your SEO When customers use a search engine to find export businesses online they usually don’t look past the first few pages of results. This means you need your website to appear higher in search engine results to compete with other export businesses. You can do this by implementing an online marketing strategy to improve your search engine optimisation. This involves adding keywords to your website copy, regularly updating your website content and creating backlinks to your website.This tactic will then allow more customers to find your website online which may drive more sales leads back to your business. Use your website to attract customers Having a website for your rural export business is important because it allows potential customers to find your business online and to learn more about your products and services. When customers visit your website you should encourage them to stay, read your content and enquire about your services. You can do this by providing great content on your website which is interesting and relevant to your target customers. You should also provide customers with a reason to purchase your products or services and provide visible contact details to allow them to enquire. By using this tactic you have a better chance of turning website visitors into potential customers. Join an online business directory Joining an online business directory is a great way to increase your online visibility and improve your SEO. Industry specific online directories, such as, help you to advertise directly to your target customers. They can also provide backlinks to your website and generate better quality sales leads. These directories give potential customers the opportunity to compare products and businesses in your industry to determine the best fit for them. This is beneficial to your business because you can keep an eye on your competition and differentiate your brand to attract the right customers. Get active on social media Another way to increase your online visibility is by creating an active profile for your export business on social media. Social media allows you to directly communicate with your customers to build their brand awareness and provide exceptional customer service. Your social media profile also has the ability to drive traffic back to your website and slightly increase your SEO. By becoming active on social media you can start to build a relationship with potential and existing customers to increase their trust and loyalty to the business. You could do this by regularly posting interesting and relevant content, commenting on other user’s profiles, actively contributing to conversations and sharing your expertise. When customers are happy or loyal to your business they will often tell their friends or networks about you. This is another way to increase your presence and reach online to attract new customers and grow the business. To compete online with other rural export businesses don’t just lower your prices, implement a tactical online marketing strategy. This strategy can help your business to get seen online, attract new customers, build your brand and grow the business.


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