Export grants scheme call for submissions

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Austrade is calling for submissions for the 2015 Review of the Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) scheme.

The EMDG scheme provides incentives for Australian exporters to promote goods and services overseas.

Under the scheme, companies spending money to grow their exports of goods, services or intellectual property are eligible to claim a 50 percent rebate on those expenses, up to a maximum of $150,000 cash rebate per claim.

Surprisingly, many companies are still unaware of this assistance despite being available since the 1970s.

Those who have successfully accessed the program attribute their early success in the export market to the financial assistance that the program provided.

Between 3000 and 5000 Australian companies successfully access the grant program each year.

Trade Minister Andrew Robb recently appointed Mr Michael Lee, the former CEO of Zip Industries, to review the EMDG scheme.

Mr Robb said the review, to be completed by June 30 this year, would give exporters the opportunity to provide comment and insight into how the scheme works for them.

The federal government recently increased EMDG funding by $50 million over four years, to help ensure export businesses remain competitive. 

Organisations or individuals interested in making a submission can view the Terms of Reference and information on submission requirements on Austrade’s Review website:

Submissions close on February 27 at 5.30pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time).

Public meetings are also planned around Australia during the next three months.


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EMDG Consulting - John Taylor
30 Jan 2015
Should the Export Market Development Grant Scheme be abolished ? Participate in the 2015 review have your say. In February 2014 the National Commission of Audit recommended abolishing the EMDG scheme for Australian exporters. Stating "The Export Market Development Grants scheme should also be abolished as the benefits of exporting are largely captured by the business itself, with few broader benefits to the community. Forty per cent of recipients of these grants are businesses employing less than four people"

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