World-first app takes care of business design needs

World-first app takes care of business design needs article image

Australian based company uPrintX Pty Ltd has launched the world’s first iPad application to cover all simple business design needs.  

The new app is ideal for exporters on the move. It can be used to design business cards, letterheads, flyers and invitations.  

They are then professionally printed and delivered to the customer’s door.  

And with the uPrintX App users can share data via Internet regardless of their location.  

The uPrintX App features a portfolio of free templates, logos, icons, textures and fonts. Individuals can pick and choose from any of these before forwarding the design and artwork for digital printing.  

The free templates, logos, icons, textures and fonts are sourced from graphic designers globally, says Stephen Coudounaris, Director of uPrintX. They provide a variety of design elements to cater for various tastes and business needs.  

An intuitive design screen enables users to prepare their stationary and flyers quickly and easily irrespective of their design skills.  

Stephen developed the uPrintX App with his brother George and with their cousin Peter Magiros.  News_uPrintX_Directors

Created with flexibility in mind, the uPrintX App also permits users to incorporate existing logos and icons. Using dropbox integration, it is simply a case of selecting the file and the App automatically pastes the existing logo/icon onto the design screen.  

Simplicity, speed and cost savings  

Entirely foolproof, the App also automatically ensures the design meets all print requirements prior to printing. It eliminates any concerns about providing bleed, adding crops and embedding fonts – to simplify the entire process.  

Specifically created for individuals and businesses from small through to large, the uPrintX App offers simplicity, speed, convenience and cost savings.  

Once completed, users forward their design files for high quality digital printing. The printed matter is delivered within five business days of receipt of artwork to anywhere in Australia. To ensure a high quality print result, uPrintX has partnered with the award winning, eco-friendly printer,  

“Our print prices are very competitive and there are no hidden costs, says Stephen Coudounaris. The App is free and you only pay for the collateral you want printed.”  

The design files are automatically saved locally or to the user’s Dropbox or iCloud account for easy storage and retrieval.  

The uPrintX App is available at no cost from the iPad App store.  

For more information visit:  


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