Why Europe should be on the radar of Aussie exporters

Why Europe should be on the radar of Aussie exporters article image

There is no doubt 2020 has been a challenging year for Australian exporters.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has brought with it many trade hurdles.

But according to Christelle Damiens, founder of Exportia, a company specialising in the promotion and sales of Australian technology in Europe, there are still some outstanding opportunities.

Earlier this week, Exportia hosted a special webinar to focus on the European market.

The webinar, she says was “a celebration of Australian technology excellence and its success in the European market.”

Guest speakers included:

  • David White, Director of Advanced Robotic Technology
  • Daniel Rodgers, Managing Director, Omni Tanker, an Australian manufacturer of revolutionary new tankers from carbon re-enforced polymer and
  • Dr Alex Birrell, CEO CleanSpace Technology, a company that has developed advanced new respirators for the European market.

Each speaker outlined the challenges now facing exporters during the global COVID-19 pandemic and identified European market opportunities.

The webinar coincided with the launch of a Ms Damien’s latest book 4 Steps to Generate your First Million Euros in Sales.

Ms Damiens says the book is based on her 20 years’ sales experience internationally in a high-tech environment.

Small and medium sized businesses always face the same challenges in this market, she notes.

“They often lack the time, financial and human resources to take the step.”

Following years working closely with more than hundred innovative small to medium sized companies, she now has a track record of taking businesses to their first million Euros in sales and beyond.

Her 4-Step-framework is outlined in the book along with a set of tools tailored to the needs of technology companies that enable them to successfully scale in the European market.

For more information or to order a copy visit:


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