The Australian technology that’s opening doors globally

The Australian technology that’s opening doors globally article image

An innovative Australian company has developed a fully integrated cloud based access control software platform called Lockvue, that works with a wide variety of smartlocks. It has the potential to be a game changer.

Sales of smartlocks in Australia are set to soar to almost 200,000 units annually within the next few years. Over the next two decades some estimates suggest almost every home, office and public facility will be using smartlock technology.

Many people will already have experienced electronic access control systems such as hotel room entry cards, keypad door access to offices and card swipe access to secure areas.

Smartlocks are the next generation of those technologies with some brands able to be retrofitted to existing door locks.

Increasingly popular, smartlock manufactures are providing electronic “virtual” key activations via mobile phone Bluetooth communications where features such as providing automatic “hands free” lock opening when a user with a configured and permissioned smart phone is within 10m-12m of the door.

When your hands are full of parcels or bags of groceries the convenience of auto-unlock is way better than the drama involved in fishing for a set of keys in a bag or a pocket.

Different features

A number of smartlock manufacturers are in the top tier but all offer different features and compatibilities. Some are voice activated, others code activated. Some can be retrofitted to deadbolt doors others fitted only to new doors or as replacement locks.

Many offices and public buildings will use different smart locks based on availability, budget timelines, complexity, price and specific application.

Using the Lockvue® platform, Allow Access, a South Australian based Internet of Things (IoT) company, incorporates a suite or collection of smartlocks into one compatible homogenous system.

International enquiries

Allow Access is now exporting the clever Lockvue® technology to New Zealand and around Oceania with initial enquiries already coming in from the Asia-Pacific region.

The number of applications for integrated smartlock systems is almost infinite. Tennis court hire, sports facilities access, equipment hire are obvious candidates. Similarly, smart home technologies means no more waiting at home to grant home front door access for repairers, parcel delivery, plumbers, electricians, gardeners, pool maintenance, meter readers and dog walkers.

Access can be granted via a mobile phone electronic virtual key where the access code auto erases after one use.

Holiday and weekend accommodations, late night arrivals at highway hotels, real estate inspections are among other exciting possibilities as is the idea that requiring deposits for physical keys may soon be a thing of the past.

With Lockvue® all smartlocks can be integrated into one complete access security system, standardised operating procedure and common audit trails. 

Australian Lockvue® is at the international forefront of IoT smart home and office automation technologies and has the potential to improve life quality worldwide.

David Gray is lead consultant at digital information partners


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