Spreading the word about Australian Wine

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Wine Australia has certified two Australian-based Chinese language educators to help cultivate a love and appreciation of Australian wine among Chinese trade and consumers.  

Ruyi Li and Jackie Qi conducted their first A+ Wine School Level One classes for Chinese speaking wine trade and consumers in Adelaide and Melbourne earlier this month.  

“Education is a core pillar of Wine Australia’s global market development strategy, said Willa Yang, Wine Australia’s Regional Manager China.  

“Through our A+ Wine School program and Chinese language classes, we have the opportunity to cultivate a love and appreciation of Australian wine among Chinese trade and consumers.  

“It’s our hope that students of the A+ Wine School classes will share their knowledge and experience with others and will be more likely to buy Australian wine in the future.”  

Ruyi, based in Adelaide, is a highly qualified wine professional with a Bachelor of Bio-Engineering (Viticulture and Oenology) and a Master of Viticulture and Oenology from Northwest University in Washington state, US and a Ph.D. in Wine Science and Business from the University of Adelaide.  

Broad range of agricultural knowledge  

With more than 10 years’ experience in the industry, Ruyi was most recently a marketing officer for Premium Vintners and a program coordinator for the Beijing International High-End Vintage Wine Expo as well as a Chinese translator at Wine Australia’s Savour event held in Adelaide last year.  

Jackie, based in Melbourne, brings to the education program a broad range of agricultural knowledge having attained a Bachelor of Horticulture from China Agricultural University and a Master of Viticulture from the University of Adelaide.  

Jackie spent two years from 2009-11 working as an assistant winemaker at Sandhurst Ridge Winery in Victoria and for the past five years has assisted agricultural businesses including wine exporters with Chinese translations of documents and collateral.  

While Ruyi and Jackie are the only Australian-based Chinese language educators, they join the 17 A+ Wine School educators already certified and conducting classes across mainland China. To date more than 6,000 students have attended an A+ Wine School class in China.  

Applicants for A+ Wine School educator certification must satisfy the selection criteria and undergo a process of interview and evaluation including a written exam and blind tasting to determine their eligibility and demonstrate that they have the requisite experience.  

Australia remains well-placed in China  

Last month, Australian wine makers were given a shot in the arm coming away with a slew of awards at the 2014 China Wine & Spirits competition.  

Australian wineries took home a total of 446 medals, with New Zealand coming in second with 110 medals and Argentina, traditionally a strong performer in the booming Chinese market managing only nine medals.  

Australia remains well-placed in China, second behind France, and is achieving the highest average value among the Top 10 importing countries.  

China has been the fastest growing export market for Australian wine for several years and despite a drop in exports last year, China remains the biggest destination for Australia’s premium wines above $7.50 per litre. 


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